Award and Scholarship 2012 Inauguration

The William Winsborough Commemorative Address and Award has been inaugurated to acknowledge the lasting effect that Professor Winsborough had on the field of Computational Trust and Trust Management. The award will be given annually. "The objective of the award is to publicly recognise an individual, not a group or organisation, who has significantly contributed to the development of computational trust and/or trust management, especially achievements with an international perspective. However this particular requirement will not necessarily preclude nominations of those whose main achievements have been made on a national level."

This year (2012), the Award Committee was composed of Theo Dimitrakos (BT Plc, UK), the IFIP WG11.11 Chair; Dhiren Patel (NIT Surat, India), the Chair of the IFIPTM 2012 conference, where the Address will be given; and Sandro Etalle (TU Eindhoven, Twente, and SecurityMatters BV, Netherlands), a member of the working group at large. There was a shortlist of four candidates, and we thank the community for their input and suggestions.

We are delighted to be able to announce that for the year 2012, the Committee has decided that the Winsborough Award be given to Dr Audun Jøsang of the University of Oslo Norway, in order to commemorate the work that he has done in raising the computational trust and trust management fields to a very high standard of academic integrity and for the provision of an extremely solid body of work and knowledge that builds the field and its acceptance inside and outside of its traditional boundaries. Dr. Jøsang will be present at Surat to keynote the conference, and to receive the award. We take great pleasure in extending our heartiest congratulations to him.

In addition to this, the University of Texas at San Antonio has also setup a William Winsborough memorial scholarship fund, available at

Once again, thanks to the community for your input.