Dr. Fabio Martinelli

Istituto di Informatica e Telematica - IIT

National Research Council - C.N.R.

Pisa Research Area Via. G. Moruzzi 1



Email: fabio <dot> martinelli {at} iit [dot] cnr (dot) it

IFIPTM Academic Liaison

IIT-CNR, Italy

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A researcher in academia or government to facilitate liaison with academic consortia and international educational bodies, including the successful operation of a PhD competition and a PhD Summer School on Trust Management.

Short biography

Fabio Martinelli is a senior researcher of IIT-CNR where he leads the information security group. His main research interests involve security and privacy in distributed and mobile systems and foundations of security and trust. He serves as PC-chair/organizer of several international conferences/workshops as well as summer Ph.D. schools.