Welcome to the new and updated website of the IFIP Working Group 11.11 Trust Management.

Working Group Charter

Mission statement

Trust management is by nature a “horizontal” multi-disciplinary area that brings together communities that have been nurtured so far different “vertical” areas such as reputation systems, security, identity and access management, social networks, risk and compliance, formal models, legal IT, economics, etc.

With the help of this IFIP Working Group, trust management shall start to find its own space in the research scene, separate from the ones where it has been nurtured in the past.


Working Group 11.11 aims to provide a forum for cross-disciplinary investigation of the application of trust as a means of establishing security and confidence in the global computing infrastructure, recognizing trust as a crucial enabler for meaningful and mutual beneficial interactions. The working group will bring together researchers with an interest in complementary aspects of trust, from both technology oriented disciplines and the field of law, social sciences and philosophy. In this way the working group will provide the common background necessary for advancing towards an in-depth understanding of the fundamental issues and challenges in the area of trust management in open systems.

The main membership will most likely be specialized researchers, both from universities and company laboratories. Government organizations and IFIP member societies and their members will be the main users of the results of the group.

Working Group 11.11 has a link to the area of other groups, both inside and outside IFIP and the group will seek actively for close cooperation with these groups.


The scope of the WG 11.11 are (non-exhaustive and non-exclusive):

  • semantics and models for security and trust;
  • trust management architectures, mechanisms and policies;
  • trust in e-commerce, e-service, e-government;
  • trust and privacy (link with WG 9.6 / 11.7);
  • identity and trust management (link with WG 11.6);
  • trust securing digital as well as physical assets; and
  • social and legal aspects of trust (link with WG 9.6 / 11.7).

William Winsborough Commemorative Award


As many of you are aware, in 2012 we instigated a new initiative, the William Winsborough Commemorative Award, to both commemorate Will and to honour and recognize a leader in the field of Trust and Trust Management. We have since made the award to:

  • Audun Jøsang (2012),
  • Fabio Martinelli (2013),
  • Christian Damsgaard Jensen (2014),
  • Ehud Gudes (2015),
  • Simone Fischer-Hübner (2016),
  • Siani Pearson (2017),
  • Theo Dimitrakos (2018) and
  • Carmen McGago (2019).

To recap, the model of the award is based on TC11’s Kristian Beckman award. The recipient would present an invited keynote at the IFIPTM conference, and be awarded a small memento.

Per the Beckman award, and tailored to our working group: “The objective of the award is to publicly recognise an individual, not a group or organisation, who has significantly contributed to the development of computational trust and/or trust management, especially achievements with an international perspective. However this particular requirement will not necessarily preclude nominations of those whose main achievements have been made on a national level.”.


The timeline for 2023 has now started. We are now soliciting from the WG members, suggestions of names for the 2023 award based on the above objective and requirements. A short (one or two paragraphs is sufficient) exposition of why you are recommending the person would be greatly appreciated in helping the committee do its work. Feel free to suggest more than one name. In the event no-one is proposed, the committee will come forward with its own recommendations, so to make yourself heard and to help make the group active, please submit names! Our only restriction is that members of the working group executive are NOT eligible for the award, most particularly Chair (Christian Jensen) and Secretary (Anirban Basu).

The deadline for submissions of names is TBD. Submissions can be sent to the Secretary of the Working Group, Anirban Basu, at wwca@ifiptm.org (website)

The committee will deliberate and make a choice of the recipient by TBD. The recipient will give a keynote at IFIPTM 2023 (https://www.ifiptm.org/event/ifiptm2023/) and be invited to write a position paper for the proceedings.

The committee will be formed along the same lines as the previous committees. Chaired by the Working Group Chair – Christian Jensen (Denmark Technical University, Denmark) – the other members are the General Chair(s) of the Conference for the year (or their representatives), who for 2023 are Davide Ceolin (CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Ehud Gudes (Ben Gurion University, Israel), Nurit Gal-Oz (Sapir College, Israel), Tim Muller (Nottingham University, UK) and Carmen McCago (University of Malaga, Spain). Traditionally, the previous recipient is also on the committee, which brings Carmen McGago on board. 2023’s young researcher (those who are quickly and successfully establishing themselves in the field) is TBD. Ex officio is Anirban Basu, the WG Secretary (who does not vote).

Who are we?

The people behind the WG 11.11



Christian Damsgård Jensen

Chair (term 1 of 2)


Davide Ceolin

Vice Chair (term 1 of 2)


Tim Muller

Vice Chair (term 1 of 2)


Anirban Basu

Secretary (term 3 of unlimited)