About WG 11.11

Mission statement

Trust management is by nature a “horizontal” multi-disciplinary area that brings together communities that have been nurtured so far different “vertical” areas such as reputation systems, security, identity and access management, social networks, risk and compliance, formal models, legal IT, economics, etc.

With the help of the IFIP Working Group (http://www.ifip.org/bulletin/bulltcs/tc11_aim.htm#wg11_11), trust management shall start to find its own space in the research scene, separate from the ones where it has been nurtured in the past.

Programme of activities for 2009-2012

A coordinated strategy executed in multiple modalities is needed to ensure that this IFIP working group takes advantage of the opportunities and grows despite the difficulties in the current economic climate. We believe that the following programme of actions will help us achieve these goals:

    1. Strengthen a balanced representation of different communities working on complementary aspects of trust

      1. Trust-based Reputation Systems,

      2. Trust in Identity and Access Management,

      3. Trust in Social Networks,

      4. Trust, Risk & Compliance,

      5. Formal and mathematical models of Trust,

      6. Legal Aspects of Trust,

      7. Economic models for Trust

      8. Trust enhancing architectures in Web and Cloud Computing

    2. Continue to support the IFIPTM series of conferences

      1. improve the review process (guidelines & format / structure for reviews)

    1. Establish a web page with IFIPTM GW contributions & whitepapers (e.g. ifiptm.org)

    2. Continue to attract Commercial Sponsorship for IFIPTM

    3. Establish a series of associated satellite and regional workshops

    4. Establish an international journal specialising in the area

    5. Produce white papers and research roadmaps in the IFIPTM research areas

    6. Establish a summer schools for PhD students & best thesis

    7. Representation / liaison at standard committees - including IEEE, ISO, W3C, OASIS, IETF, NESSI, etc.

    8. Establish strategic relationships with research consortia in each continent (such as for example ERCIM in Europe)

    9. Establish series of awards (subject to endorsement by IFIP) for:

      1. best papers at IFIPTM

      2. best PhD in the thematic areas

      3. best Innovation in the area

      4. best commercial product in the area

      5. top three reviewers

The WG operation will be supported by electronic tools, such as internal and external websites, web collaboration spaces, a web / teleconference service offered by BT and we will exploit new technologies so as to facilitate discussions among members in a cost-efficient way and without having to rely on real-life meetings.

We anticipate the top-level functional bodies of the working group have at least quarterly progress web-meetings, and the whole community to have at least biannual progress meetings using web collaboration tools.

We will also ensure that:

    • WG 11.11 will establish an industry forum consisting of companies active in the area, and potential sponsors of IFIPTM.

    • WG 11.11 will establish an Expert Advisory Board (Steering Committee) that supports the operation of the WG by offering resources for some key functional roles brings together experts in relevant vertical communities that are represented in the working group.